Forrest Fenn: The Thrill of the Chase

Forrest’s memoir including clues of the treasure search area is here…

In The Beginning…..

What is This Blog About?  This blog is for, and about, those adventurous individuals searching for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. I am hoping we can share our adventures and ideas because, as Forrest has pointed out, the thrill is in the chase (not in the capture). But first a little background for those who are not yet familiar with Forrest’s hidden treasure.

Who is Forrest Fenn? In a nutshell, Forrest Fenn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he started an art gallery, raised a family, collects artifacts, writes books and made a fortune. He has hidden approximately a million dollars of his fortune in gold and gems in an old world, bronze chest pictured (he paid $25K for the chest alone). The whole shebang is said to weigh about 42lbs and much of the gold is collector’s gold, meaning that it’s worth much more than the face value of gold alone because of its historical importance. For instance, an ancient Aztec golden amulet is worth much more than the current value of its weight in gold because it is unique, unusual, sought after, special, etc.

That’s crazy!  Maybe…Forrest is not a traditional thinker tied to conventional ways of getting things done. If he were, his life would be dull, commonplace, mundane, boring. Instead, his life has been anything but humdrum. He has made his fortune and his reputation by thinking, creating and trading well beyond the bell curve. The hidden treasure  is another way for Forrest to enjoy life. In my humble opinion he looks forward to capable individuals out there trying to out-think him and locate his treasure. Its a contest for him. Forrest versus the rest of the world and the winner gets to keep a million dollars. To meet Forrest is to stand in the presence of a very smart, competent and competitive fellow. Someone will most certainly find his treasure chest…why not you?…or preferably me?

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Who can go after his treasure? Anyone and everyone is invited to go out and look for Forrest’s treasure chest. Even his family, because no one knows where it’s hidden except Forrest. When you find it, Forrest says that “its yours to keep”. How’s that for a “shovel ready” program that will put folks back to work?

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Where do I start looking? There are three or possibly four essential items that will help you find where the treasure chest is hidden. Forrest wrote a poem which contains nine clues and is supposed to lead us directly to the treasure. He has published the poem and it has appeared in a number of news stories about the hidden treasure. Forrest also wrote a memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, which is a beautiful hard cover book with plenty of pictures and lots of possible additional hints to where the treasure chest is hidden. It’s available for $48 through Paper White Books online book store . There are also additional hints and clues Forrest has handed out since the hunt began back in 2010. I hope this blog will become a source of information about the treasure and where you can begin your search.

Caution!  There are plenty of speculators, naysayers and misinformed individuals out there including reporters and journalists who have added inaccuracy and conjecture to the trove of hints and clues floating around out in the ether. This is inevitable. As the story is passed from person to person it begins to grow and be embellished and before you know it the facts are hard to find. In truth, what Forrest has said over and over is that only the poem and what he has written in the book contain honest hints and clues that will lead to the treasure…ignore the words that others have put in his mouth. I learned this the hard way.

Look for the real quotes. Listen to the interviews on this blog and from the media. Not so much the written quotes…those quotes can be inaccurate…but the interviews with Forrest speaking on camera, where you see his mouth move and his words come out. Those interviews are the best source of factual information. It is easy to believe that Forrest actually said something when that idea matches your solution. But he may never have said what others claim he said. Sometimes people lie just to laugh at the folks who believe them. Trolls, jokers and the socially defective are everywhere. We try to keep folks from spreading rumors and untruths on this blog but in the end, it is an impossible task. So, be cautious and be informed. Check the quotes.

More caution!  Based on my experiences with Forrest I believe he is a master of the double entendre. He chooses his words very deliberately. More than once I have run off suffering from the belief that I had brilliant new information about where the gold is hidden… In fact, I did not pay close enough attention to the precision of his words. He specializes in letting you believe something he never said. (I told you he is clever).

You can buy the Thrill of the chase here on Paper White Books

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